Permanent secretary in the Ministry of Information Publicity and Broadcasting Services Nick Mangwana has come under fire on X for saying the 2030 ED anenge achipo slogan is freedom of expression.

Netizens took Mangwana to task saying the slogan he is promoting violates the country’s Constitution which says President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa’s term should end in 2028.

“Saka some people who oppose everything are getting their smalls in a twist because of a slogan? As long it’s not hate speech why would you have a problem with a chant? Freedom of expression?,” He posted.

Below are some of the response to Mangwana’s post:

TatendaIshe @TateChingozho.
Incase you didn’t know Nick, that’s a quintessential banana republic trait. If you appoint a technocrat to be a minister, he or she doesn’t need to pledge allegiance to the ruling political party. Unfortunately you don’t know how to separate government and party business.

Cindy Soko @SokoCindy.
The 2030 slogan may not be to everyone’s liking, but as long as it does not incite hatred or violence, it should be respected as a legitimate expression of political opinion. Those who oppose the slogan should remember that dissent and debate are healthy aspects of any democratic.

Ruva @ruvarashe52.
The slogan goes against our constitution. What happened to two terms?

TrollNgogara @trollngogara.
Words matter! I would expect someone in the information department to understand this.

Oliver Prince @ManaviraOliver·
I would say that’s unpatriotic and this is where the Patriotic bill must come in. That chant undermines the values of this country enshrined in the constitution.

Unathi Afrika @UnathiAfrika·
What freedom of expression? Are you aware that what the chat is calling for is unconstitutional? How can it be freedom of expression when it violates the constitution.

lot Dupxa @GDupwa.
Basa renyu rakaoma and you have most difficult product to sell bcz macustomers have experience ne product ramurikuzama kuvabhilivhisa.

its like trying to sell poison as CocaCola muoriginal bottle re posion but uchiudza customers who can read kuti its CocaCola verengai muone.

Mgcini Magiya @ElsocioCubano.
Let’s be mature and stop chanting irresponsible and nonsensical slogans. Some people believe in the nonsense being spread around,a good leader of integrity would put a stop to this but ke ours is some mafiastyle leader let’s not expect much.

Chaki @ChakareTafadzwa·
Freedom of expression against the constitution.

Mapa. @alista_mapa·
The slogan is unconstitutional ka coming from a person akauya ne coup it is worrisome.