PICTURE of Mugabe’s NFP official at Chamisa-MDC Alliance rally in Manicaland

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa is today in Mutare at Bambazonke, Mutare South where he is conducting another rally following two others in Buhera and Makoni South yesterday.

A representative of the Mugabe backed NFP(see image) appeared at the Saturday rally and was warmly welcomed by Mr Chamisa and his supporters.

This happened in Buhera, home to the late opposition party’s founding father, Morgan Tsvangirai.

Chamisa indicated during a BBC Hardtalk interview that he won’t spend time going through Mugabe’s wrong doings when there is a lot of issues to deal with in the present government that came into power following a military coup.

Close sources have revealed that Mugabe who still commands a lot of respect within the women and youth sections of Zanu PF will be happier if Mnangagwa loses elections to Nelson Chamisa.



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