HARARE: President Robert Mugabe is swiftly moving in to reshuffle his cabinet in order to contain factional fights tearing his party into two. At the youth assembly special meeting held at the party headquarters in Harare earlier on today, President Mugabe stunned the attendants as he touched a number of topics at once.

The starting point was to preach peace among the youth. He called on everyone to respect peace nationwide.

His wife, Dr. Grace Mugabe did not say much today. She spoke for a record 3 minutes only and sat down. To the surprise of many, no one was specifically named in the speech.

 Then President Mugabe went on,
“Next week we are having changes in Cabinet vasina kushanda varikudonhedzwa. Watch for results early next week.”

And he continued on factions in ZanuPF that are potentially exposing the party to opposition,
“If we have problems let’s discuss them internally, kutukana kunze it’s a shame. Hanzi ndinoda kunyadzisa nhingi and then what?”

Party insiders believe the cabinet reshuffle is aimed at silencing the growing power and influence of ED Mnangagwa linked Lacoste faction.

There is likelihood that the once powerful justice minister will be demoted to an inferior government post.