A new opposition party PUP has said the 2023 elections are a waste of resources and has called on all parties to boycott the polls.

Zimbabwe is poised to hold watershed elections next year which are seen as a test for democracy.

However, PUP president, Herbert Chamuka said he is mobilizing a demonstration against the polls.

“PUP will hold a demonstration on rejecting the 2023 elections. I have been in consultation with my party members and the Zimbabwean people in general and they’re saying they don’t want elections.

“They are saying those elections will not be free and fair, they won’t be representing their interests.

“The people are saying they are being forced to go to an election which they against,” Chamuka said.

The South Africa based businessman said his dream is to see Zimbabwean parties coming under one banner to work for the country than show their differences.

“We are aiming to bring all parties under one banner including ZanuPF. We want Zimbabwe to be united, we want to do away with elections for two years and try to build the country based on national cohesion,” Chamuka added.

Meanwhile, opposition, Citizens Coalition for Change, party leader Nelson Chamisa’s senior driver, Clifford Sanyika is said to be wallowing in poverty as the party has abandoned paying his salary on time.

A source who spoke to Harare Post revealed that Sanyika was now reeling in debt as he has gone for months without receiving his salary.

According to the source, Sanyika has since stopped reporting for duty and was now in the business of selling firewood in his rural home of Bindura in order to settle hospital debts he accrued when his child was hospitalized.

The source said Chamisa was informed of Sanyika’s predicament and instead insisted that he must report for duty.