Exiled former Foreign Affairs Minister Walter Mzembi says a country’s national currency is a national heritage just like National Flag should not be changed willy-nilly.

So a National Anthem, National Flag, National Currency are treated as sovereign heritage and cannot be changed willy nilly, you can change design on currency to reflect what a Nation is celebrating or commemorating but the name remains the same, Zimbabwean Dollar anchored by our resources, Lithium, Gold, Platinum, Uranium etc,” he says.

He adds that there should be a reset in the future so that national currency is treated with respect:

“With all the financial wizardry and engineering at play but no name change or kuchinja mutupo. Anyway it’s water under the bridge. A Reset in the future may deal with this.”

His comments come at the time the country is bracing for a new currency Zimbabwe Gold or ZiG.

Many people are sceptical if this new currency is not going to suffer same fate as others before it.

However, the government is optimistic that the new currency will perform wonders for the country, saying it is backed by gold reserves.