Namibian police authorities have reportedly granted Zimbabwe nationals residing in that country permission to hold demonstrations at the Windhoek embassy in solidarity with their kith and kin who have defiantly vowed to take to the streets on Friday and protest over biting economic challenges blamed on the Harare adminstration.

This was revealed by under-siege opposition MDC Alliance national deputy chairperson Job Sikhala, who has since gone into hiding after being targeted by Zimbabwean police in a vicious clampdown targeting various opposition figures and activists.

In an amateur video footage recorded Tuesday, Sikhala, who is seen being surrounded by the thickets in some bushy settlement while having a meal, said Zimbabweans in the diaspora have expressed support for their dissenting brothers and sisters, back home.

He also said nationals living and working in the United Kingdom have promised to ‘besiege’ the Zimbabwean embassy in London to demonstrate against alleged excesses of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Zanu PF Government.

Speaking in the vernacular Shona, Sikhala added that most locals risk dying as paupers mostly because of their failure to confront the ruling elite head-on and take the long-ruling Zanu PF regime by its horns.

“Rwendo runo vanotouraya chaiko-chaiko because varume ava, they have stolen our youth; hapana kana chandakambo enjoya- kwaingova kudzingirirana navo nguva nemisi. Vachidzvanyirira vanhu vachingodya ivo nation ichistarva (This time around they would rather kill us because these men stole our youth. I have never been happy all my life- always hunted by the state. They oppress us and enjoy by themselves while the nation is starving,” Sikhala said.

Apart from Zimbabwe nationals in London, the diaspora community in the United States of America, Australia and neighbouring South Africa has also given nod to the potentially volatile anti-Zanu PF protests this Friday.

Watch video below: