Former cabinet minister Walter Mzembi has weighed in chiding those who are attacking Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) president Nelson Chamisa over lack of primary elections in his party.

He says primary elections are divisive and useless in face of vote buying.

“Does anyone remember primary elections by Zanu PF at Independence.

“You could be deployed anywhere by the party.

“Consensus candidate selection unites people more than the divisive route of primary elections full of vote buying and other medieval vices,” he says.

He says at independence no one had money to buy votes, adding that with vote buying now a norm, primary elections are now useless.

His comments comes at the time some people, particularly ZANU PF supporters have been blasting Chamisa for not carrying out primary elections.

Chamisa has been keeping his party structures a close guarded secret in a bid to curb infiltration. He has been receiving backlash for it, especially from ZANU PF members.