There are reports suggesting that there might be foul play in the death of MDC legislator Vimbai Tsvangirai Java. This comes after revelations that an unidentified man was caught trying to sneak into where she was being treated.

The Newsday reports that an unidentified man was caught trying to sneak into the intensive care unit where Tsvangirai-Java was being treated. The family said the man kept giving different reasons why he wanted to see the MP. The man is reported to have first said he was her relative from Botswana, then a friend to the husband, a party member sent by the women’s assembly to check on her health and finally, a well-wisher who wanted to pray for her.

The Tsvangirai family spokesperson, Manase Tsvangirai expressed shock over the death of Vimbabi whom they had said was on the recovery path. He said:

This is devastating, it’s horrific. Vimbai was a promising politician and she even won an MDC secretary-general position at the just-ended congress and she seemed okay all along.

It is only in the early hours of today (Monday) that we were told to pray for her. The next thing we hear was that she had passed on around past 2pm. This is so sad.