The embattled war vets leader Christopher Mutsvangwa has received a lot of praise and support from ex fighters following his expulsion from Zanu PF.

Mutsvangwa who has been a marked man in the ruling party after he was accused of belittling the authority of President Mugabe while supporting Team Lacoste faction is a relieved person following the Zanu PF decision to get rid of him for good.

In his partying shots, Mutsvangwa had no kind words for President Mugabe’s party.

“To be frank, the relationship had become burdensome to me, a real albatross in these times. In a way, I am just glad that the party divested me of it,” Mutsvangwa said.

Mutsvangwa also gave a hint of his views on current political situation in Zimbabwe vis a vis his relationship with Mugabe and Zanu PF;  “This is the moment of stark choices between the populace at large or serving a vapid and vacuous Zanu PF party political oligarchy that is devoid of history, morals and probity. As a war-hardened battlefield veteran, I instinctively and invariably go with the people.”

Meanwhile Mutsvangwa is a happy man following a statement from War Vets leader Douglas Mahiya who told reporters that Zimbabwe’s 36000 war vets are firmly and faithfully behind their leader Chris Mutsvangwa.