Tinashe Zisengwe

A man was recently taught by thieves to learn to deposit large sums of money in bank, most probably through the hardest way after he was robbed of his US$ 4 000 hard earned cash and two smart phones.

Dezman Julius of Kanofema Village under Chief Chikwizo in Mudzi district, Mutoko lost $ 4 000 and two mobile phones when two men pounced at his homestead around midnight.

Mashonaland East Police Spokesperson Assistant Inspector Tendai Mwanza confirmed the incident to the press.

Ass Ins Mwanza said Julius retired to bed leaving all his doors and windows unlocked as his norm.

However, at around 01:00 hrs he heard a knock on the main door while attempting to open the door to check his visitors he was flashed by a torch with one of the robbers.

The other one then covered him up with a piece of cloth in the face before striking him with a log once on his left shoulder.

The robbers who were armed with a gun started demanding cash threatening to kill Julius if he fails to comply with their ultimatum.   

In fear of his life Mwanza gave them $ 3 900 cash, two cellphones and property worth $ 1 00.

The robbers then fled the scene, but nothing has been recovered so far after the matter was reported to Makosa Police Station in Mutoko.