ACTING Manicaland National Arts Council manager, Alexander Tunzi (41), has been hauled before the courts on allegations of raping his four-year-old daughter at their family home in Chikanga.

Tunzi, who resides at No. 1203 Chikanga 1, is denying the allegations.

He was remanded in custody when he appeared at the Mutare Magistrates’ Courts and was advised to apply for bail at the High Court. Allegations were that sometime in August 2016, the complainant’s mother started attending school leaving her daughter in the care of the accused.

It is alleged that the suspect  took advantageof the mother’s absence and started having sexual intercourse with the minor.

One day when the mother was bathing the complainant she noticed that her private parts were abnormal in appearance but she did not suspect any sexual abuse since she was in the care of her                          father.

The court heard that the girl’s mother also informed the father about the un- usual condition of the complainant’s private parts.

Sometime in October 2019, the mother went to town leaving the complainant with Tunzi..

When she came back she knocked on the door but Tunzi  took a long time to respond.

After a while he opened the door and the complainant came out of the bedroom looking sullen.

The complainant’s grandmother took her to her place of residence and asked her to bath but noticed that the girls’ panties were soiled.

The girl was taken to hospital where she later revealed that she was being sexually abused by her father and the matter was reported to the police.

A medical examination was carried on the complainant which showed that she was being abused sexually