The Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs of Zimbabwe (SCIAZ) is displeased by MDC Alliance president Mr Nelson Chamisa’s decision to seemingly side with Israel by proposing to establish a diplomatic mission in the Middle Eastern country, which has always been locked in a dispute with Palestine, especially after its establishment in 1948.

Speaking at an event organised to show solidarity with Palestine on Friday, especially after the massacre of 60 of its citizens by Israeli soldiers on May 14, SCIAZ president Sheikh Ishmail Duwa said the statement by the leader of the country’s opposition party was unfortunate, especially after the recent massacre of Palestinians who were protesting the opening of a US embassy in Jerusalem.

“Zimbabwe is not a Christian country; that is why there is freedom of worship.

“The opposition is misdirecting itself because the issue in Palestine has nothing to do with politics, has nothing to do with Christianity — its humanitarian,” said Sheikh Duwa. state media