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Mupfumira plots ED’s ouster, Leaked Zanu PF dossier

A person bearing the name Hon Mliswa has shared the post below:

The 2018 elections revealed a lot to the people of Chinhoyi. There was no way that ZANU PF could have won the elections in Chinhoyi when the constituency is riddled with bogus supporters who preach ZANU PF by day night and by night they are full time MDC members. ZANU PF supporters in the constituency wanted a post-mortem of the 2018 Harmonised Elections but this was fought by the people behind the loss.
Let’s take a close look at some of the cabal members.

At the helm is Prisca Mupfumira, a ZANU PF reject who was kicked out by the Mugabe administration for stealing money from NSSA. In the politburo right in front of everyone, Mugabe called her a thief. This woman is the one who controls Chinhoyi and the entire province. Ziyambi Ziyambi has failed as a chairman. He was paid handsomely by this Mupfumira to keep her NSSA dossier under lock and key thereby abusing his office as Minister of Justice. This guy cannot make any decisions in the Province without Mupfumira’s input so in essence Mupfumira is the defacto ZANU PF Chairman for Mash West Province.
Mupfumira’s politics is about food and money for her cabal members. Right now she has her members the likes of Mike Chimombe on the ground busy mobilizing the youth so she can build her ZANU PF district structures. The youths are being promised menial jobs like litter picking etc….We have it on good record that Mupfumira funds the MDC party in Mash West. In the last election she was going around telling her supporters to vote for a younger person for presidency meaning Chamisa. No wonder why ED lost in Chinhoyi. We have our sources in MDC who told us they are funded by some ZANU PF members of parliament, the biggest funder being Prisca Mupfumira. She did not think ED would win hence she had to keep her foot in MDC just in case. So the question one has to ask is, “Is Prisca Mupfumira for the People of Zimbabwe or she is in politics to enrich herself?”. She became wealthy overnight after Mugabe appointed her to the Public Service Ministry and those who know her can testify. She lived in a very average house in Mt Pleasant but thanks to NSSA money she now lives in a beautiful house that she build just next to her former house. She bought or built houses for all her 3 children. NSSA paid for her son’s lavish wedding in Vic Falls. She now owns houses and commercial buildings in the UK, SA and Harare. One of the buildings she had taken which houses Air Zimbabwe town offices in Harare opposite Meikles Hotel, was quickly put on the market soon after she was kicked out by Mugabe. Where did she get the money to buy all these buildings?

Her daughter in law was involved in a cement scandal at PPC and she lost her job only to wake up with another job at Zimplats where she got more work benefits than senior employees who have been with the company for decades. All this was done using Mupfumira’s influence and hold in the Province.

The state security and the awaited anti corruption team needs to investigate her links with Shingi Munyeza, Charles Mutisi, Supa Mandiwanzira, Ozias Bvute, Mlalazi just to name a few who are involved in her money laundering antics. Shingi Munyeza the Pastor was used to take Mupfumira’s millions out of the country now sits on the President’s advisory board. Mupfumira, the G40 strategist and mastermind crafted the removal of Oppah Muchinguri as the leader of the women’s league. This saw her rise from Senator to Minister of Public service which was a reward from Grace Mugabe for the role she played in getting rid of Oppah paving her way for her. This woman did not waste anytime soon after taking charge of the Ministry, she started stealing money which was channeled from NSSA to MetBank. She would instruct NSSA to give MetBank money which in turn she would access through Enoch Kamushinda and Ozias Bvute. Most of the money she stole was externalised and some of it bought buildings in Harare and Vic Falls. Mupfumira with her fellow thieves Tapiwa, Ozias and Supa own Newlands Golf Club. Just like she used a Charles Mutisi from Chinhoyi to front her school in Alaska, she also used Gideon Gono to front her other asset Palm Tree Resort near Domboshava Road

Jennipher Mhlanga- ZANU PF women’s quota minister. Came to Mash West from Gokwe as a fully fledged MDC member. Her 11 Miles store was where all the MDC meetings used to take place. She would donate T shirts and all the MDC regalia from there. She is linked in the death of Swethen Mombeshora. She dated Mphoko in the previous administration and in this new dispensation she is said to be dating her Minister. This one will do anything for power. Our reliable sources at the chinhoyi provincial offices told us that Mhlanga had lost in the previous elections but Mupfumira preferred her instead of her opponent.
Mhlanga was on TV when ED was booted out declaring her support for Grace Mugabe to take over as VP. When the tide turned she was at the forefront of denigrating others as G40. Political prostitution in motion. It is on record that Magy Chidarikire won the women’s quota primary elections but because Mupfumira hates her she replaced her with the losing candidate Mhlanga. Chidarikire was openly sidelined by Mupfumira. She is the one that got her demoted from Provincial Secretary for Administration position. Mhlanga was too blind to notice that Mupfumira supported her this time only to protect her senatorial post. Amongst the female leadership in the district, Mhlanga was the only person qualified to contest Mupfumira so it was in her best interest to support Mhlanga so as to safeguard her position. So theirs is only a marriage of convenience without any genuine love at all. She hates you Mhlanga don’t be fooled.

Martha Munondo
The biggest ZANU PF dog who is used by anyone with money to do their dirty work. This woman never learns, a few years ago she was beaten up and left for the dead because of her dirty politics. Munondo was a full member of the MDC whilst her ex husband was a ZANU PF member. She somehow managed to wrestle power from her husband to become a ZANU PF councilor. During her tenure as councilor this woman stole stands from the council and she did it openly. There is a whole street in chinhoyi with just her family from brother to cousin to uncle. She is a notorious thief, stole from the women’s league and inputs from pots, rice maize you name it. She is one of the biggest land barons in the province. She sold land but no one dares say anything to her as she is protected by Mupfumira being her master. One does not need to be shown who this one is, she dresses like a broke prostitute, talks like a beer hall queen and steals like she is possessed by some evil spirit. Nothing good comes out of this woman’s mouth. She is the definition of mediocre. And to think this one will sit in the provincial council is pathetic. Such an uneducated and psychotic fool. The Provincial council is doomed. We know Mupfumira wants her there so she can carry out her dirty instructions causing unrest for Mliswa the new Governor. This Mupfumira has a thing against up and coming women politicians. Today she does not talk to Madzongwe yet she is the one that helped her get to the top. She was the one behind the powerhouse Mahoka’s downfall. Her mission is to destroy Mliswa and she has vowed she will succeed. So Munondo is her trusted lieutenant who carries all her dirty instructions and gets rewarded with money stolen from NSSA

Precious Masango
Now the MP for Mhangura constituency. Her husband is a founding member of Mavambo political outfit. This one was double dipping between NPF and ZANU PF during the last election campaigns. Douglas Mombeshora won the election but Mupfumira had poured money on the ground, the rigging machinery saved the day for Masango. Mupfumira does not like anyone who exhibits more power than her or who has more people support than herself. That was the case for Mombeshora. Mupfumira likes to work with weak people that sing praises about her day and night. Masango is scandalous, an audio of her and her married lover went viral last month and she had the audacity to blame other people as having made the audios yet it was her voice in the audios. Now the Mupfumira’s tide seems to be turning against Masango as she now has someone earmarked for Mhangura constituency for 2023. She says Masango is too weak for that constituency. She is already has someone earmarked for Mhangura just like she did to Paradza in Makonde. In all this people should look at her track record, she will cosy up to you so you get her to the top then she will come back and bite you or she will support you to rise but the moment you have more support than herself she will dump you for the weaklings whom she can manipulate. Cases in question are Phillip Chiyangwa, Kindness Paradza, Edna Madzongwe, all these helped her ascend to the top but she now works against them clandestinely.

To be continued……..

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