Edmore Mhangami

Last Sartuday was no ordinary day for Mrs Valdah  Siyagijima a successful lawyer based in Karoi who launched her first gospel debut.

Mrs Siyagijima who works with Legal Partners released an eight track album entitled Munondigonera Tenzi.

In an interview, she said the gospel debut mainly works as a piece to remove the stigma of being ever serious that lawyers are attached with by society.

The super charged new comer in the gospel genre added that her new gospel offering, a Rev Zimondi production, also works as a tool to encourage people to have faith in the Lord in times of difficulties.

“In this album I was largely inspired by the Kudzi Nyakudya and his style of encouraging people to face problems head on. As Zimbabweans we are currently going through difficult times with the unemployment rate at its peak. It is from this background that I felt compelled to urge on fellow Zimbabweans to call upon the Lord for He is the God of all flesh,” she said.

The female lawyer said she named her album after her first single Munondigonera Tenzi which was well received by her fans in Karoi.

“The tittle Munondigonera Tenzi was drawn from my first plug tune which I can confidently say it is still the best track on this piece. In this song I lamented my problems to the Lord and called unto Him for divine guidance.

The same concept but in a different style and pace can be heard in the track Zvichaita Zvangu. In this track I was saying sometimes life can be so harsh.

It can feel like in the days when the Israelites were enslaved in Egypt. However, as Christians we should not give up but to push on for the Lord knows the plans that He has, plans to make us prosperous not to harm us (Jeremiah 29:11),” she said.

The debut also features songs like Zuva Dzvene, Tsuri, Munyaradzi, Munesu among others.

Nevertheless to Mrs Siyagima balancing being an artist, a lawyer and a mother of three has never been an easy road.

She said sometimes she has to make sacrifices in either of the three to keep them balanced.

“Music has always been in my veins from a tender age. Yet law is my life but i have to strike balance for I am also a married mother of three. Thus most times I have to steal time especially from my house chaos and use it for music,” she said.