When I talk about violence & @ZANUPF_Official  I know what I’m talking of. I was even party Provincial Chairman. Its thus unfortunate to find opportunists& keyboard party members whose knowledge of ZANU amounts to merely getting a party card, defending shameful acts of violence.

Violence is bad and should be condemned without any qualification or justification. You cannot lower yourself down to defend such crass things as a way of bootlicking and getting pattings from party leaders. We cannot all be mad to accuse the party when it is clean.

The party has a chequered history with violence& any well-meaning member or supporter should condemn these recent images. Some have queried what the video benefits the party; Mukupe has been boasting about a militia in Hurungwe how does that benefit the party? Yet he does boast.

There are many public videos and statements where violence has been threatened against opponents. How does all that benefit the party? We should simply support and encourage politics that has accountability, principles and responsibility.

This habit of speaking anything and defending everything just to advance your party agenda with no conscience or morals is evil. Some do it for paltry sums of money, yet we are talking about people’s lives here.

When I was in @ZANUPF_Official  I campaigned in Hurungwe with a new system that shunned violence and allowed everyone to choose their side. I still won. I wrestled the seat from the opposition. The same happened in Norton in 2016. I faced violence and yet triumphed cleanly.


temba mliswa, mp