Samson Muchirahondo

A picture of former President Robert Mugabe’s eldest son with prominent po!e dancer Beverly Sibanda has caused stir on social media, with people making funny of the family.

The pair is not new to controversy as both once hogged the limelight over the years.

People had no kind words for the former first family.

“Her mother (Grace) can’t fail to be sick when he is bedding such a woman.”

The other comment reads, “Besides the military take over these sons are Mugabe’s major headache.”

Mugabe’s sons has been stealing the limelight for sometime now, having also became the centre of attraction in Sandton, South Africa, where they are reportedly living lavishly with hookers.

Bevy’s dances have been the centre of criticism over the years, with one of her eye catching moment when she claimed to have been impregnated by popular musician Andy Muridzo.