Political reporter- Simba Moyo

Zimbabwe’s political system modelled in a way that promotes hatred, and intolerance- analysts.

A lawyer, former prosecutor, Dumisani Mthombeni says it worrying that the political system in Zimbabwe is designed in a way that undermines co-existence among citizens.

Mthombeni is also founder of Youth & Anti-Corruption activist, founder of ZERO TOLERANCE-WISE YOUTH TRUST for transparency, accountability & good governance.

“I bemoan the fact that we have become too politically polarized, very intolerant & are an educated lot but politically immature people. I also bemoan the fact that the polarization is so bad; it is divisive & our people are conditioned to hate opponents yet we are one people,” he wrote recently on his twitter handle.

He says our ideological or difference political party affiliations should never prevent us from engaging & working together as Zimbabweans.

“The real enemy is not citizens belonging to different political parties, but ignorance, hatred, intolerance within us and those sowing seeds of hatred. My thinking is not only disruptive of current ideologies that are divisive; but equally constructive in that l speak of engagement & togetherness,” he added.

Speaking at a press conference in Harare yesterday, #ThisFlag founder pastor Evan Mawarire said the ZANU PF government was the chief culprit in causing disharmony among citizens, and regime change agenda.

“Every community in Zimbabwe matters. No one is more important than others. We condemn and reject the systematic marginalisation and exclusion of other Zimbabwean regions,” he said.

President Robert Mugabe have been blamed for causing confusion, some people are even suspecting that he could be the hand behind the wars that is currently running in his party. Even Mugabe’s ‘Pasi na Tsvangirai,… etc’ (Down with Tsvangirai, etc..) slogan is bent on promoting hatred, says one analyst.

Political analyst Elder Mabhunu concurs that some political leaders are the ones promoting hatred and violence.

“During run up to the elections ZANU PF used to fuel hatred among the electorate. At one time I remember an official from the party saying ‘If your son has joined MDC, do not cook for him when comes home hungry.’ Tell him to go hand for he is a sell-out,” he said the official told a gathering in Mount Darwin just before the last elections in 2013.

Zimbabwe’s elections are usually marred by hatred and violence fuelled by leaders especially in the ruling party, who preach peace by day, and practise violence and anarchy by night, and pronounce forgiveness by day and act revenge by night.