By Nomazulu Thata | The yesterday government reshuffle has nothing to do with the free-falling economy but all to do with the succession battles bedeviling the party Zanu PF.

How will Mugabe get rid of Mnangagwa, the man he has used and abused since pre-independence times: to be precise ever since Mugabe came out of Gonakudzingwa prison to join the liberation struggle in Maputo in 1974.

 Mnangagwa knows how General Solomon Mujuru died; he knows how Tongogara died: he knows how Herbert Chitepo died: the line is long just to mention those few. To remove Mnangagwa out of the bag means he will then be compelled tell the nation the entire truth but the truth! Will Mugabe survive after that? Tambai nezvimwe: chitupa hachiwachkwi!

Mugabe feared! For the first time since independence, we realised the fear in President Mugabe to get rid of Dambudzo Mnangagwa from the party and government. Hence previously VP Mnangagwa was constantly told to resign by the First Lady Grace Mugabe; it is not easy for Mugabe himself to show the Vice President the door. Both Mugabe and Mnangagwa have come a long way together. They know each other’s secrets in detail: how much have they been conspiring together on several situations, vachi kiyi kiya vari two? The political and military scores that VP Mnangagwa has done so far at the behest of the Fuehrer Mugabe, and he did them eloquently, will certainly not be possible to ditch him to political oblivion. Mnangagwa knows all the dirt that has happened during the freedom struggle and beyond. Fear gripped the Fuehrer, he and his wife confessed they sleep with one eye open. That confession that they cannot sleep, is a huge sum, informed us  a lot about the relationship between Mugabe and Mnangagwa and of course the role of the army in these bitter succession battles.

It is wholly naïve for the G40 to still think that Mnangagwa can be told to quit by Mrs. Dr. Grace Mugabe and he: Mnangagwa Dambudzo Emerson complies. Who is Dr. Grace Mugabe? How old was she when the liberation war was fought: where was she when those inner- bitter-wars in Zanu PF were fought in Zambia and Mozambique since 1974? How many secrets has her husband shared with her in their matrimonial bedroom, secrets relating to the inner-Zanu-wars of the liberation struggle and after independence? This little girl called Gire was in nappies then, where ignorance is bliss, tis folly to be wise. When they say Zanu ndeye ropa, they know what they mean; thousands of comrades have perished in Zanu and outside Zanu for various reasons, does she know that? But Mnangagwa knows all the history of Zanu, who was killed for what reason, who was assassinated and for what reason: in a nutshell, does she not know all those dirty linen of Zanu PF? It is also obvious to us all that Mugabe never confided in her the entire events of the liberation struggle, some very painful to comprehend.

For argument sake: if President Mugabe actually fired Mnangagwa yesterday from VP post and party: the 9th of October 2017, we would have seen a different Zimbabwe or worse today the 10th of October! There are people in the army who will never brood any nonsense of a President called Dr. Grace. Amai Dr. Stop it’s fears are valid and qualified: she fears the army takeover if Mnangagwa was to be fired. It is for this reason she had to confess to us that she and her hubby sleep with one eye open. Dr. Grace must be told that she will never smell the post of the President of this republic. Vultures are waiting for the opportune time, when the Mugabe makes just one mistake of giving his wife the post of a president. Lives will be lost; Robert Gabriel Mugabe may not even be buried at the hero’s acre: this is how serious the situation is on the ground. But because the First Lady is gullible, she fears more than she can sit down rationally and analyse the political climate, how toxic it has become mostly because of her loud mouth. The First Lady is seriously abused and used by the people she trusts most, certainly not her husband. Those people surrounding her who will actually grab the power if it was, by some mistake, given to her by her husband. This is politics a trade like no other!

In the meantime Mugabe who wants to die in office is buying time too. Mugabe does not care about his family, his wife and children and grandchild but only himself. Time and again he will drop in some money in the treasury to get the civil servants paid: he does not want any demonstrations because of non payment of civil servants. The cabinet reshuffle is an indication that Mugabe is not serious about putting the economy back to normal. Time is just up for him. The cabinet reshuffle was actually a creation of jobs for redundant bootlickers. He has to give them some occupation, while buying time for himself, he has to die in office. He is balancing all that at the age of about to be 94 years old. This is by all standards not a normal situation at all as President Mugabe has become a national security risk!

If Mugabe was serious about the state of the economy in the country he would cut down his cabinet to about half. What is a bloated cabinet doing in a bankrupt economy of our country? The economy is almost nonexistent. Again the MPs in parliament are just too many: We find ourselves in a situation whereby there are too many chiefs and few Indians!

This cabinet reshuffle is nothing to write home about. The reshuffle serves the Fuehrer more than the ministers who serve him. When the Fuehrer dies he will leave all of the entire reshuffled cabinet at the mercy of a very angry nation. Uncertainties are there for all to see. Hoping that Zanu will destroy itself from within, we look on with absolute excitement that Zanu will soon be no more: dead, decimates its own self but surely. We sincerely hope that there won’t be any civil war that will put our women and children in very difficult circumstances.