President Robert Mugabe addressed the 71st session of the United Nations(UN) today, in New York, United States.

He did not disappoint those who expected him to attack the west for causing Zimbabwe’s woes.

“My country Zimbabwe is an innocent victim of sanctions imposed by the United States and its allies”, he began his speech.

“As a country we are being punished for pursuing sovereign independence.. we are simply trying to repossess our own natural resources and listen to the basic interests of our people,” he added.

Mugabe went on to emphasise that, as long as sanctions remain, Zimbabwe will be unable to meet its full potential.

“I repeat my call to Britain and its allies to remove illegal and unjustified sanctions against my people, ” he continued his trademark attacks against the west.

Mugabe’s 16 minutes speech also focused on the injustice, unfairness and inappropriateness of the current composition of the United Nations Security Council.

He touched on colonisation and occupation of Palestine whose people have been ‘under persecution for over 40 years’,  suggesting that the UN pursues a 2 state solution to achieve durable peace in the middle east.

In Africa, he said the UN is duty bound to redouble its efforts in ensuring full realisation and determination of the people of Western Sahara who have been suffering under Moroccan occupation.

Mugabe had positive words for outgoing UN chief, Ban Ki Moon, thanking him for his commitment to the security and well being of the African continent, especially his recent effort to stop the spread and effects of the deadly Ebola virus in West Africa.

“We wish him well and will miss him,” said Mugabe.

Mugabe was addressing delegates at the United Nations 71st session.