Charles Mabhena

Zimbabweans in South Africa are now leaving in fear, as xenophobic attacks rears its ugly face once again, with the call to get the country rid of all foreigners being accused of taking jobs away from the nationals.

There is over one million Zimbabweans living and working in South Africa, as the economy back home is no longer sustainable.

According to United African National Council (UANC) President Nesbert Mtengezanwa the reason why there are so many Zimbabweans outside the country is because of President Robert Mugabe who has run the country’s economy down.

“Why we have too many diasporans now is because of Mugabe. He doesn’t listen to advice and he is thick-headed.

“Because he thinks by having been one of the founding members of SADC and African Union, he is always right,” he said.

There are millions of Zimbabweans scattered across the globe, and more and more are leaving on a daily basis as the economy continue to nose dive.

While addressing people at his birthday party two days ago Mugabe could not pity his citizens facing attacks in SA, but, instead he mocked Zimbabweans living abroad saying it is silly for his citizens to go abroad, where they will come back empty handed.

“Surely for you to want to go to America to look for a job it is stupid. Non-Americans are being chased there. What is it that you could have lacked in this country to decide to go there?

“I have never come across one such person who had left Zimbabwe for America and managed to come back with lots of money, they always come empty handed,” mocked Mugabe.

He urged citizens to value their own country and its natural resources, as well as to work hard to transform it using Zim-Asset, the only way he claims would see the country getting better again.