Zimbabwe leader, President Robert Mugabe, has expressed his personal sense of loss when he touched down in Cuba.

Mugabe who is attending the late Cuban leader, Fidel Castro’s funeral told reporters that he travelled all the way from Zimbabwe to mourn and bury ‘a dear brother’.

“President Castro was not only your leader but a leader for all of us, we listened to him. He was not just a man of words but a man of action and he came to Zimbabwe during the Non Aligned Movement summit when he came up with the idea of training young men and women leading to the education of over 3000 teachers who have done a lot of good work for Zimbabwe,” President Mugabe said.

Mugabe added that he had come to Cuba to mourn the loss of a dear brother and express condolences to the Cuban nation for the loss which is shared by people in Zimbabwe.

Speaking at the Jose Marti International Airport in Havana Mugabe commended the people of Cuba for continued resilience in the face of economic sanctions by the United States.

He said despite the economic embargo, Cuba has continued to support other countries fighting imperialism and colonialism across the globe and most notably in Africa.
While Cuba is on recovery road, Mugabe’s Zimbabwe is experiencing economic crises that has resulted in the reintroduction of Zimbabwe currency as the country struggles to survive another season of endless economic and political problems.