Bindura Rally: Mugabe blast War Vets; Promises Bond Notes, A Bigger Rally in the Future;

                        Warns of a Stronger United Opposition;

                       Says Nothing About Riots, Shut Down Zimbabwe!

President Robert Mugabe gave a rare 20 minute speech in a poorly attended Zanu PF evening rally in  Bindura, Mashonaland Central.

The Zanu leader disappointed people as he did not have anything to say on the deadly riots and protests seen in Beitbridge, Harare, Bulawayo and the rest of the country.

Mugabe told his supporters that there are efforts going on to overthrow Zanu PF without pointing at the enemy believed by many neutrals to be a powerful faction in the ruling party now referred to as The Third Force.

13 Team Lacoste faction leaders(Including War Vets leader Chris Mutsvangwa) believed to be supporters of VP Emmerson Mnangagwa were fired as Mugabe Must Go riots raged across Zimbabwe last Wednesday.

Mugabe blasted War Vets telling the gathering; “Guns must not lead politics, they say they fought for the people, why are they fighting Zanu PF,” said Mugabe in reference to restless War Vets.

He warned the gathering to brace themselves for the ‘unwanted’ Bond Notes as there is no other option at the moment.

The 92 year old said the ruling party is experiencing serious infighting  in Mashonaland that could not be finalised in today’s deliberations before warning his followers that the opposition is in the process of forming a grand coalition to challenge him in the eagerly awaited 2018 elections.

Mugabe concluded the day by apologising and promising his supporters that he will come back for a bigger rally that will be done in day time in the near future.

The whereabouts of First Lady Grace Mugabe is still unknown as she did not show up at the smallest rally ever addressed by Mugabe in Bindura.

pictutres of mugabe bindura rally

Mbare Chimurenga waiting for Pres in Bindura. Pictures by Simiso Mlevu

Mugabe rally in Bindura