ZANU PF is already rigging Zimbabwe elections ahead of 2018 polls

Chad Mabhena

The centre no longer hold, President Robert Mugabe failed the plot and protocol when he fired former vice president, now Zimbabwe People First (Zim PF) leader, Joice Mujuru, to add to his misery, he is now divorced from his previous and obedient foot army, the war veterans.

This is according to ambassador Aggripa Mutambara, who is now a senior official at Zim PF. Addressing a rally at Glendale shops yesterday, the former top official, and Brigadier General said having had worked with President Mugabe for so many years and in different senior capacities knows the nonagenarian leader and his temperament very well.

“Mugabe erred by failing to follow proper disciplinary channels, as the boss to the former VP then, he should have used a proper channel and protocol in dismissing her if he was sure of Mujuru’s wrongdoing, rather than sending his wife to undress a sitting VP in public.”

“If she was corrupt, a killer as alleged, he should have reported her to the police, lack of such action shows that the crimes she was said to be guilty of were all fabricated,” he said.

Mutambara said Mugabe deviated from the revolutionary principles and abandoned the people for self aggrandisement becoming a dictator on the way. “He never had people’s interest at heart, now he is creating a dynasty, but this time he is not going to take the masses for ride again. It is a fact that he rigs elections, this time I am sorry for him he won’t be able to do that. We were with him and we know all his tricks,” the ambassador said.

Mutambara said the Zanu PF rigging process has already started. “All this promises of stands for the youths is part of the process. Why now? Why do you need to give someone a stand in order to be voted for?” He said, adding that the intimidation of voters which most people think as the beginning is in fact the later part of the rigging process.

He told hundreds of party supporters who thronged the area that if Zim PF was a violent political party, some people who attended the rally in Zanu PF caps would have been attacked. “If this was a rally by the ruling party, those guys could have been manhandled for wearing opposition regalia, but, as Zim PF we don’t do that, instead, we need them here so that we educate them on co-existing with people from other parties. Our party is peaceful and is inclined on removing the ruling Zanu PF using constitutional means, the ballot box,” he said, adding that differing in opinions should not make people enemies to the extent of killing one another.

He added that Mugabe shot himself in the foot by dumping war veterans who helped him greasing his rigging machine in the previous years, by training youth militia and intimidating villagers in rural areas.

Mutambara also took time to reflect how President Mugabe opted for teaching when he crossed into Mozambique during the liberation struggle instead of joining the camps. “After the fall from grace by Ndabaningi Sithole for having had rebelled, and when other deserving leaders were not around. People thought of Mugabe, but he was nowhere to be found in the camps, only to be told that he was a teacher at a local school,” he said.

He said the rally was to drum support for the mega one set to be held at Chipadze stadium in the provincial capital early next month, where the party leader Joice Mujuru is expected to address the gathering