Zanu PF cannot effectively fund its election manipulations using the US dollar because of its scarcity

Charles Mabhena|

When Zimbabwe opposition parties see President Robert Mugabe dozing in meetings, they would mistakenly conclude that the once feared statesman is now a spent force, this is only to their political peril, the ‘old guard’ has just outfoxed them already by introducing bond notes to be used to fund his election rigging machinations.

‘The art of being a good guest is to know when to leave’ reads a proverb to would be good visitors, Mugabe seems to have mastered this adage not by knowing when to leave office, but, by knowing the perfect time to rig. He can let you chase the wild goose by drawing people’s attention to Magaya’s rape cases, to Moyo’s handing himself to the police, while he is busy oiling the rigging machine without onlookers present. Both these cases may be thrown away at a later date, when he finishes greasing the machine. (Already Magaya’s bail conditions have been relaxed an indication that he may be freed later).

As for the corruption charges against Moyo, Kasukuwere, or any others it’s a no show ZANU PF cannot fight corruption, it’s their feeding hand. A lawyer Obert Gutu says even the placing of the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Corruption (ZACC) under the Office of the President renders it partial and politicised.

“ZACC should have been placed under section 232 of the Constitution, like the other 5 Constitutional Commissions,” he says.

To further distract people’s attention he can even pretend to be dead, let people gather at his place mourning, body viewing his corpse, only to resurrect by the grave side at the National Heroes Acre. These are calculated moves by Mugabe, in journalism we call them ‘calculated leaks’ where one can be given a false lead that would turn into a no show, much to the embarrassment of the writer.

ZANU PF has the history of using state funds to maintain its grip on power this was evidenced during the Zimbabwe dollar era, when the Reserve Bank under Gideon Gono printed more bank notes than necessary, allegedly to fund the ruling party’s activities. The move caused a runaway inflation as more money chased few goods. Learning from the past can clearly reveal what the current monetary authorities are up to some mischief, remember the war veterans compensation era, likewise more money was also printed in that era too.

In the current scenario ZANU PF cannot effectively fund its election manipulations using the US dollar because of its scarcity on the local market, so Mugabe as clever as he is, he knows that the only way to fund his activities is to introduce a local currency ‘bond note’ which he has full control over. By that he is able to use it to procure fuel for militias to travel around terrorising villagers, to feed them, and possibly buy alcohol for them so that they act ruthlessly in dealing with opposition supporters.

Some mighty take this analysis as a mere talk, but, it’s not, Jonathan Moyo himself confessed the trick when he said he used the money he is alleged to have stolen to fund ZANU PF activities, so what will stop the regime from doing the same with bond notes, furthermore, they have absolute control over the currency.

His partner in crime Saviour Kasukuwere also confirmed it too when he openly said there is nothing wrong in stealing state funds to finance the party. “We will use state funds to defend ourselves from being removed from power. Foreign governments are funding opposition parties to try to remove us, so likewise we will defend our party and President using state funds,” he said recently while campaigning for the Norton seat which his party however lost.

According to the ZANU PF system, if both, Moyo, or Kasukuwere can prove that they indeed used the money they are alleged to have misappropriated, to fund bona fide party activities, then they won’t be arrested, as implied by a very senior party official, who recently made a U-turn saying corruption has no room in Zimbabwe.

Despite old age, sleepy looking, Mugabe is one of the cleverest person in the world today, he never run short of ideas. It is now game on..