Latest Update: President Mugabe Returns to Zimbabwe; To Deal severely with corrupt factions

Exclussive: Zimbabwe President,  Robert Gabriel Mugabe, is now returning home tomorrow Thursday and will not spend another weekend in Singapore, a government source has revealed to .

According to the source who spoke to reporters on condition of anonymity as he is not authorised to speak to journalists, Mugabe will spend most of his time, tomorrow Thursday 13, dealing with ‘corruption and fraud allegations’ that have split his party, Zanu PF, along factional and tribal lines.

The source also hinted that Mugabe feels betrayed by his subordinates ‘who now spend the day doing nothing’ but planning for life after him.

“Mugabe worries a lot about his legacy and Zanu PF, he feels betrayed and let down by his top lieutenants(vice presidents and senior party officials) who are doing more harm to the party than the opposition by pursuing personal interests along factional lines. This has left Zanu PF very vulnerable at a time when they face a stronger united opposition,” said the source.

Since last week, Thursday 6th, Zanu PF is boiling following a failed attempt(allegedly by Mnangagwa linked Team Lacoste faction) to get Jonathan Moyo arrested for fraud.

Moyo was ‘within seconds’ from being handcuffed before Mugabe stepped in and ordered the anti fraud police ‘to mind their own business.’

This then started accusations and counter accusations as Vice Presidents,Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko, had their names referenced at opposite sides of the succession war in which words like ‘tribalist, Gukurahundi murderer, diamond money thief’ were occasionally thrown by warring factions.

“Mugabe is fully aware of these developments and is ready to deal severely with those who damage the party’s name for factional reasons,” he said.

Asked to specify the action Mugabe would take, the source said, “some of these people could be disciplined, demoted or even fired.”

According to the source, Mugabe and his family left Harare for Singapore via Malaysia.

There was no business meeting done in Malaysia as the Mugabes only spent less than 10 hours in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on their way to Singapore where they were due to see doctors.

“President Mugabe, His wife Grace, younger son Chatunga, daughter Bona, her husband Simba Chikore and grandson Simbanashe have been holed at their Singapore holiday hideout since the evening of Friday,  October 7th. All the medicals for the president, his wife, daughter and grandson were done over weekend and they are due home tomorrow,” a Zimbabwe government source revealed. is reliably informed that Mugabe was supposed to return this coming  weekend, on Sunday 16th, but had to change plans after learning that his lieutenants are at each other’s throat over the position of party and country President.

Mugabe has been blamed for causing Zanu PF factional wars by failing to come up with a clear succession plan.

While the president has occasionally reassured the nation that he is fit and ready to lead his party and country as long as possible, critics in Zanu PF and opposition parties agree that ‘Mugabe is passing into history very soon’ as old age and rapidly failing health  is slowly and effectively impairing his ability to lead Zimbabwe.