Mugabe won’t save Kasukuwere & Moyo: No mercy to thieves

Today President Robert Mugabe washed his hands clean and declared that there is no immunity to  Zanu PF ministers fingered in corruption.

He also indicated that the long arm of law will deal with whoever is found on the wrong side irrespective of their position in the party or government.

Mugabe said this when he officially opened Murongwe Primary School and clinic in Mukumbura Mount Darwin this Thursday.

Speaking in front of thousands of onlookers  President Mugabe said government departments and individuals fingered in alleged corrupt practises as reported in the media will not be spared but should be given an opportunity to defend themselves in court.

Mugabe expressed disappointment at Zanu PF leadership which he blamed for the ills affecting rural communities.

Mugabe described the recent humiliation suffered by Zanu PF in Norton By-election as a disastrous mistake that should not be allowed to happen again.

Zimnews was the first Zimbabwe news publication to reveal that Mugabe had appointed his top aide, Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, to investigate Ministers, Jonathan Moyo and Saviour Kasukuwere over corruption allegations.

After publicly telling Kasukuwere that he illegally sold Harare land to prophet Magaya, Mugabe appears to be very disturbed by allegations labelled against his young ministers.