Latest News On Mugabe Presidency, Health & Age Debate

Zimbabwe’s firebrand youth activist Promise Mkwananzi  has challenged President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF to take urgent action on the presidency issue as Mugabe is no longer capable of leading the country.

The Tajamuka spokesperson who has been arrested many times for his involvement in demonstrations has vowed to continue protests until a time when the Mugabe presidency issue is resolved.

According Mkwananzi, President Mugabe should either step down or indicate to the nation a timeline framework in as far as his vacation of the presidential office is concerned.

“President Mugabe can’t go on until 2018 and definitely should not be part of the post 2018 era,” said Mkwananzi.

Meanwhile, Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko  has wedged himself into the Mugabe controversy  after he claimed that Mugabe is still strong in health and mind;

“I find it strange for someone to say President Mugabe is too old and not doing his work. The President is fully in control of the country and he’s doing his work as expected as the Head of State. This young man called Mkwananzi is lost. He should not be blaming the President for what is happening in the country,” said Mphoko.

Mphoko also seemed to refer to a recent Yamamoto report that suggested ‘Mugabe is now only working for 30 minutes per day’ as he spends most of his time sleeping and receiving medical therapy to keep him going.

“The President works hard every day and performs his duties as expected. He works from Monday to Friday and attends Cabinet meetings,” he added.