MDC Member of Parliament Priscilla Misihairambwi Mushonga shocked Zanu PF legislators yesterday in Parliament when she spoke about Mugabe’s imminent retirement and lack of direction from the 92 year old as far as succession is concerned.

She indicated ‘the whole country was at a standstill’ as people are expecting some big announcement from Zanu PF or Mugabe himself about his retirement and succession plan.

However, nothing has happened and people still await for that day when Mugabe will handover power to a subordinate.

Below is a direct statement taken from Misihairambwi in Zimbabwe Parliament..


I think we need to get the President to address all these issues to deal with the issue around succession.

Succession has become a cancer in this country.

No one works because everybody is waiting to see when Robert Mugabe is going to die and when he is going to get sick. We need to address – [HON. MEMBERS:
Inaudible interjections.]-

Yes, I am not saying I want him to die.

I am saying the very fact that as a nation, we are now bound to waking up in the morning and people wanting somebody to die, is an indication that we have a problem.

The President should just come here and say 2018, it is not about us, and it is about that side Mr. Speaker.

That is the side that bothers about succession. These are the people that are holding us to ransom.

We do not care whether President Mugabe stays or not.

We have an election to go and get rid of him. These are the people that we want to get rid of him in his party.

Let him address it. We are sick and tired as a nation of being held to ransom over ZANU PF politics of not being able to choose a person that they want.

The President should address that, close it so that this country can begin to work again.