Charles Mabhena

In a second episode of his traditional birthday interview on the national broadcaster Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) President Robert Mugabe exonerated his cronies of corruption saying it was just cheap talk.

“If these so-called small fish were real fish, one would say we are catching small fish because they have the tendency of growing big, hence catching them before they grow big.

“People have not come out that here is a case of a corrupt big fish.

“In the case of Jonathan Moyo we are being told he misused money, but he thinks it was political victimisation. He said the money being referred to, was requested by the youth, by the women and the party in general. The matter is under investigation anyway, besides that there are no other cases of big fish being corrupt,” he said.

“People are just saying big fish, big fish. Who are the big fish? And you are saying big fish too. Who are the big fish you have in mind?” Mugabe quizzed ZBC’s Tazzen Mandizvidza who was interviewing him.

Before Mandizvidza could respond that this is what critics were saying, Mugabe cut him short; “You should have asked them who these big fish are. What is their corruption and what does it amount to.”

He said he was only hearing that so and so is corrupt, but if that were, the big fish might be capable for hiding their corruption, but it seems our people are afraid to come out so that we can investigate.  

“Vamwe vanongonenera (some people are just bent on making unfounded allegations) even I have heard that rumour. But if the people can’t come out open about which big fish is corrupt it is hard to investigate. I would investigate if they come out open, because I don’t want to run a party full of corrupt people and thieves,” he added.