Reporter- Simba Moyo

President Robert Mugabe has slammed today’s war veterans saying they should not be wayward as many of them are doing now, he adds that by being one it doesn’t mean you can challenge the party.

He said this in his short speech at the burial of the late national hero, Brigadier General James Murozvi at the National Heroes Acre this afternoon.

Mugabe said Murozvi was disciplined and respectful, and was one such kind of a war veteran who followed commands well, who could not query his superiors. He said Murozvi rose through the ranks because of his dedication to duty and unquestioned loyalty.

He said he was dedicated to national sovereignty and not a sell out or wayward as some are doing currently.

“Some of us today believe that by being a war veteran it is a passport that they can rule, no this person knew what he was doing, he was disciplined,” said Mugabe.

He followed the party’s procedures and did not try to or hope to be the leader himself, he was down to earth, we urge other war vets among us to know that it is bad to be wayward.

The late general was principal director in the Ministry of Welfare Services for War Veterans, War Collaborators, Ex-Political Detainees and Restrictees.

He succumbed to diabetes at West End Clinic in Harare, at the age of 60, and was declared a national hero by ZANU PF.

Mugabe’s comments comes at a time there is bad blood between him, his party, and the war veterans today, who have since announced their divorce with the ruling party. They have over the year being ZANU PF’s foot soldiers, but the relationship soured and they now seem to be sworn enemies.