‘Mugabe to announce 2018 election date’

‘Mugabe to announce 2018 election date’

If anyone who cares to know was listening, Mr Mugabe most recently told a youth league gathering that elections will be held soon .

He is carefully keeping an eye on the opposition’s preparedness and the earliest he can announce an official date, depending on Zec’s own position on setting the ball rolling.

It’s very obvious when he does set a date, the opposition will go to court to challenge him on it, but who is stupid enough to believe anything will come out of it. With Zec and Zanupf putting up the necessary structures for elections and the opposition in a vegetative state, Eddie Cross could have been moved to speak in riddles, what he thinks must be done.

He has some courage.

I just saw a picture of Rita Makarau kneeling before Mr Mugabe and I thought to myself if that was Mr Tsvangirai she was kneeling before, she would be out of a job today. It was more than a matter of respect it was a statement which compromises hers and Zec’s impartiality. She was in fact saying Zec kneels before Mr Mugabe, as probably it’s principal. It was probably reassurance, Rita was saying don’t worry Mr President we have your back. If she kneels before him then what would stop her from taking orders from him? You kneel before someone you serve. Kneeling is also a sign of submission and not necessarily respect. Respecting Mr Mugabe is not part of Zec’s mandate, but respecting the constitution is. She looks better kneeling before the constitution. She had no business availing herself at state house to register the president.

Would she give the opposition the same treatment she gave the president and Zanupf? Why wasn’t the opposition invited to that occasion?

When Zanupf won elections in 2013, then Zec Vice chairperson Joice Kazembe joined Zanupf celebrations at the National sports stadium where she did the zora butter dance. She was celebrating Zanupfs victory. How unprofessional and unethical.

I pity the opposition.

stanley goreraza