A motorist from Harare was left counting losses after he was robbed of US$2 500 and other valuables amounting to US$3 000, national police authorities have said.

All hell broke loose after the man, who was driving a Honda Fit vehicle, parked at Zororo Cemetery to relieve himself, said the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) in a post on Twitter.

On 21/04/22 at around 1300 hours, a motorist driving a Honda Fit vehicle along Chitungwiza Road lost US$ 2 500 cash and other valuables all valued at US$3 000 after parking the vehicle near Zororo Cemetery to relieve himself,” said the ZRP.

“Two unknown male suspects emerged from the tall grass and threatened the complainant with an unidentified pistol before handcuffing him. The suspects took control of the vehicle and later left the victim locked inside his car after undressing him and taking away the clothes”.

Meanwhile, in yet another tragic incident, a Harare man reportedly succumbed to sudden death yesterday and police in the city’s populous Matapi neighborhood are investigating the matter.

Without shedding much light on the identity of the deceased person, the ZRP said:

“ZRP Matapi is investigating a sudden death incident which occurred at an open ground adjacent to Chishawasha Flats, Mbare on 21/04/22 where a body of a male adult was found lying on the ground. Police did not observe any visible injuries on the body and it was conveyed to Sally Mugabe Hospital for post-mortem”.