Locadia Karimatsenga Tembo, former wife to Morgan Tsvangirai is in the eye of a storm following a report that she said short-time husband, leader of MDC-T, will never rule Zimbabwe.

She allegedly said this during a church service in South Africa.

BUT she has distanced herself from the damning prophecy and threatened to sue reporters who published the news story.

Below is the unedited original story as reported by the source:

The Nation of Glory Ministries leader, Morgan Tsvangirai’s former wife, Apostle Locadia Karimatsenga Tembo has said that MDC-T leader will NEVER be elected in Zimbabwe.

Apostle Tembo has said that only those who did not understand the work of the holy spirit, which she claims has told her Mugabe’s win is guaranteed will waste their time and effort, only to wake up frustrated again.

” There is no uncertainty about the outcome of the 2018 election, God has spoken”, she said.

In November 2011, Locadia wed Tsvangirai in a traditional ceremony where the then prime minister shelled out a hefty bride price in Mazowe.

The pair would split a few days later.

In 2012, she dragged Tsvangirai to court demanding $15 000 monthly maintenance for the man she had been dating for nearly a year.

However, now based in South Africa, Locadia would rather focus on her faith than her past.

“I started doing home meetings where a few Christians come together but we ended up meeting in my house more. We had room. I just had one child, so we had a home cell group where we studied the word of God and seeking in guidance from God.

The remarks comes a day after Grace, the wife of Zimbabwe’s President, Robert Mugabe,said that her husband would win even as a corpse in the next year’s poll.