Citizens apologetic to Movement for Democratic Change-Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has raised about US$ 121,000 against the budget of US$12,000 for his bullet proof car.

This came after there has been alleged assassination attempts against him. Few months ago Chamisa and his party claimed that his convoy was shot at.

This prompted a go fund me campaign with well wishers donating towards acquiring a bullet proof car for him.

“Started less than 2 months ago by progressive Citizens, this Citizen project has achieved its goal. USD121, 205 raised by 3.1k Citizens or Donors.

“Thank you all who contributed to this noble cause. Its not about the car,” says the party.

Meanwhile, Chamisa has expressed gratitude:

“Thank you Zimbabwe. I’m so humbled. I’m just amazed at the extent you Zimbabweans are willing to go, do and push to get us there to be free,happy, peaceful & prosperous again.

“This is commitment! You are making history. Thank you! Citizens are in it.”