Image: H-Metro

More details continue trickling in shedding light on the mysterious case of a Kuwadzana man who committed suicide at his ex-lover’s house.

Kuwadzana residents were shocked on Saturday, 18 February, when they spotted 20-year-old Tinotenda Zikonya from Dawnview Park in Harare hanging on a tree in their neighbourhood.

He took his life at his ex-girlfriend Memory Chivhunga’s home.

H-Metro spoke to a source who revealed that Tinotenda allegedly stole US$1 900 at a money transfer agency where he works. When asked, he could not explain the discrepancy.

His employers then searched his house and recovered US$1 000; the US$900 was missing. The company then scheduled a disciplinary hearing for Monday, 20 February, the source said.

Recently, Tinotenda’s girlfriend, Memory, whom he had dated since 2021, discovered he was cheating with a workmate named Yolanda. Heartbroken, Memory dumped her lover.

In a bid to change Memory’s mind, Tinotenda gave her US$900 of the stolen money, but she was unrelenting.

Unable to stomach his situation, Tinotenda sent Memory a message at midnight, informing her that he would commit suicide at her house. He knew this would be easy because the place is ungated and has no durawall.

During the night, Memory woke up, read the shocking threat, peeped through the window, and saw her worst nightmare. Tinotenda had hanged himself on their mango.

Tinotenda’s uncle Stevenson Chimombe was shaken by the tragedy:

“I enquired from Memory the reason for Tinotenda to take his life at her mother’s house. She told me that she had told him of her intention to end the affair, and he didn’t like it.

“Taingoziva kuti musikana ndiye anozviuraira kuti ndarambwa kwete murume, asi zvakawoma zvevana vemazuva ano.

“Memory’s mother knew Tinotenda and had been receiving groceries from him, which is why he decided to take his life at her house. Atirwadzisa, ashungurudza mhuri nekuenda nenzira yakadai.”

Last year, Ximex dealer Tafadzwa Murengwa, monikered Boss Pangolin, committed suicide by consuming a pesticide after shooting dead his girlfriend, Samantha Dzapata.

Samantha had dumped Boss Pangolin, and he failed to accept rejection. In unconfirmed viral leaked audios from the dealer, he said he gave Samantha’s family groceries and money.