Mohadi promised promotion,  financial, political success; good health by Pastor Bushiri

Zimbabwe’s Minister of State Security Kembo Mohadi has appeared in video while attending a church service at Pastor Shepherd Bushiri’s.

A number of good news prophecies were made for the minister who appears to be in financial and political turmoil judging by what was said by Bushiri.

He was reassured that all the problems will go away and was given a cloth to shield himself from evil.

“No weapons against you shall prosper, I see someone visiting witch-doctors, you have been through a lot,

But I see a crown on your head, I see promotion coming your way,” Bushiri said

Mohadi acknowledged the preacher when he mentioned a number of problems affecting the Zimbabwe minister.

“I’m seeing 2 people from Borrowdale going to Chitungwiza to do some rituals against you.

People are hurting because of your position. How can this man have this position? I see you are trying to build something, but you have financial problems, when you leave here, a door will be opened,” Bushiri added.

Mohadi was very pleased with the experience and he thanked Bushiri.

“Thank you man of God,” Mohadi said.