The birthday celebration of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s sons, Collins and Sean, was nothing short of extravagant as they marked their 36th birthday in a grand manner today.

The identical twins, who are the offspring of Zimbabwe’s President, decided to commemorate their special day with a majestic photo shoot earlier. Collins Mnangagwa took to his Instagram account to share the photos, which truly captured their opulent lifestyle.

The first image features President Mnangagwa seated on a chair while the twins leaned on both ends, beaming warmly at the camera.

In another snapshot, the Mnangagwa twins posed in a dimly-lit room, having removed their blazers and donned sunglasses while enjoying a game of chess and puffing on Cuban cigars.

Collins captioned the pictures with the words “Happy birthday B1,” a reference to the identical banana twins in the 1992 animated series, Bananas In Pyjamas.

Collins Mnangagwa, who is a qualified engineer, earned a Bachelor’s degree in engineering from the North China Electric Power University in Beijing, China, in 2012.

Meanwhile, the younger twin, Sean Mnangagwa, serves as a member of the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA).

Credits: Instagram/collins_mnangagwa