An allegedly shadowy internet user threatened presidential spokesperson George Charamba with death following a botched attempt to extort Z$100 000 from the publicist of Zimbabwean leader Emmerson Mnangagwa.
In comments posted on his official Twitter handle, @Jamwanda2, Charamba said an impostor using an account guised as his sent him a message on the macro-blogging site demanding Z$100 000 so that the fake Charamba account used by the impostor would be deleted.
Charamba adopted the handle @Jamwanda2 when he joined Twitter for the reason that there was an internet user who already used the George Charamba handle which the presidential spokesperson has perrenially disowned.
Charamba wrote on Twitter:
“On (February 8 this year), at 0650HRS, this dude/institution calling itself George Charamba on twitter handle with Govt Court-of-Arms demanded Z$10 0000 deposited into Steward Bank Account by me to get the Account deleted”.
“A few hours later, he/it sent an assassination alert for me”, said Charamba.
The long-serving presidential spokesman, who also worked under deposed dictator Robert Mugabe, was advised by other Twimbos as Zimbabwean Twitter users are called, to seek the legal route and ensure that the alleged extortionist is brought to the book.