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One of the most prominent Murakashi matigari who is believed to be Taurai Chinyamakobvu has lambasted Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor John Mushayavanhu for saying the government knew nothing about structured currency.

Posting on his X handle, matigari a staunch ZANU PF and President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa supporter said it was not necessary for the central bank chief to exhibit ignorance on how structured currency works.

“I am struggling to understand why the central bank Governor would say this?

“Government inexperience? That statement is ill-advised,” he said.

He added: “John Mushayavanhu, in his role as RBZ Governor, not in his personal capacity, but as governor, MUST know that he must own all the RBZ programs which he leads.

“There is no room for saying if it doesn’t work, it’s because of consultant X or advisor Y or Busisa Moyo. Man up!!”

Commenting on the same matter, United Kingdom based Zimbabwean lawyer Brighton Mutebuka said the statement by Mushayavanhu shows that he has already been overwhelmed by the job.

“That didn’t take long did it? The Governor is not only a poor communicator, he genuinely appears overwhelmed by the scale of the task at hand.

“It really does feels like the ZiG Amargeddon is on the way!”

The central bank boss recently shocked Zimbabweans when he disclosed that the government knew nothing about structured currency, but was sold the idea by the World Bank.

He went on to say those who would want to blame him over the Zimbabwe Gold ZiG currency should instead train their guns at the World Bank.