President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s foreign trips which have overshot projected allocations by over 200% continue to rear ugly head on the lean coffers of the Zimbabwean government, it has emerged.
A report in one private daily says the trips by Mnangagwa and his government officials, coupled by skyrocketing public service salaries have resulted in Treasury overspending by over $1 billion.
The 2019 Consolidated Financial Statements also indicate that the Harare adminstration registered a surplus of $437 million against a target of $1,58 billion owing to higher than budgeted increases in employment costs, procurement and service costs and a huge foreign travel bill.
Last year, the Zimbabwean strongman was involved in numerous foreign trips and at one time hired a private jet from Dubai to carry him for a 40-minute trip.
Ordinary Zimbabweans have raised concern over Mnangagwa’s foreign travels which they say are not positively contributing towards the betterment of the perrenially struggling southern African country.

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