Exiled former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo says President Emmerson Mnangagwa who is reportedly on record claiming that he was once sentenced to death is not telling the truth.

Mnangagwa is on record saying he was saved from being hanged because of his underage at the time, but Moyo says according to court records reproduced in Eddie Cross’ ‘A life of Sacrifice’ book on Mnangagwa the narrative that he was once sentenced to death is not true.

“THROUGHOUT HIS POLITICAL CAREER, Mnangagwa has claimed that he was sentenced to death for blowing up locomotive No 510 in Masvingo in 1964, but was not executed because he was underage. He repeated the lie in April 2021 in his Sunday Mail interview with Victoria Ruzvido.

“IN A REVEALING AND DAMAGING DISCLOSURE, which confirms Jonathan Chando’s previous reports, Eddie Cross reproduces (p.23) the 1965 court record, which is missing from the National Archives, in which the judge found that: “I DO NOT THEREFORE PROPOSE TO SENTENCE YOU TO DEATH!”

He adds that the book exposes Mnangagwa’s lies: “Apart from Mnangagwa’s lies about his role that never was in the “Crocodile Gang” & his continuing cover up of his leading role in gukurahundi atrocities, there’s some VERY BIG (CURRENT) POST-2017 STUFF IN THE BOOK THAT WILL SHOCK & AWAKEN ZIMBABWEANS & THE WORLD ABOUT ZIM!

Moyo believes Mnangagwa should have read the book before it was published, however he didn’t and the book exposes his lies.

“THE FACT THAT MNANGAGWA’S 1965 court record went missing from the National Archives long ago, only to resurface in the Eddie Cross book, has RAISED SECURITY EYEBROWS.

“Mnangagwa is hostile to books; he did not know his 1965 record is in his biography, before its publication!,” says Moyo.