Rigging 2018 elections: Why Mnangagwa is not bothered with campaigns and rallies

Former Zimbabwe Higher Education Minister Prof Jonathan Moyo has said Emmerson Mnangagwa is not campaigning simply because he knows he will not win elections so he is now rigging the ballot.

Today Jonathan Moyo asked: Why are Mnangagwa and Chiwenga not on the ground campaigning with polls 4 months away?

 A. They’ ve a rigging plan B. Army will do another coup C. They’ve given up. MID, CIO & Rugeje’s Commissariat surveys give ED 15% of presidential vote & #JuntaPF 60 out of 210 constituencies!

Moyo also hinted that people who voted for Mugabe will not necessarily be switching over to support the military backed Mnangagwa.

“There are no #ZanuPF supporters & never were #ZanuPF supporters but only #Mugabe supporters. So it’s simple Cdes & y’all know it: No #ZanuPF after the #Coup!,” he wrote.

Mnangagwa is conspicuous by his absence on the campaign arena, a time his main challenger Nelson Chamisa and MDC allies have almost covered every piece of ground in the country in their bid to seek popular support ahead of the elections.

Coupled with that, he has also withdrawn his wife Auxillia from being party MP for Chirumhanzu-Zibangwe ostensibly to allow her to concentrate on some philanthropic work in the stead of first lady.

The amount of confidence Mnangagwa has displayed ahead of polls that many expect him to lose because of his links with Mugabe’s disastrous rule has ignited rigging fears among Zanu-PF opponents as was witnessed in the 2013 elections when Mugabe went on to post a thumping victory against his challengers when he was hardly on the ground campaigning.

Many people are puzzled by his failure to campaign.