Political commentators say President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa is surrounded by criminals and needs prayers to discern sheep from goats.

In his birthday message to Mnangagwa, Norton Independent Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa wished more wisdom to Mnangagwa saying he is sandwiched by criminal elements.

“Happy birthday to President
@edmnangagwa. Shumba, Murambwi, may God protect you and give you more wisdom and a discerning spirit for the good of our people.

“The insight is important for you are surrounded by criminals,” said Mliswa.

Meanwhile, political analyst Elder Mabhunu concurs with Mliswa that Mnangagwa is surrounded by criminals.

He however, believes Mnangagwa is not that clean either.

Mabhunu questions President Mnangagwa’s sincerity in fighting corruption.

“To make matters worse Mnangagwa’s name has been dragged in many dirty deals along with people of questionable characters,” he said.

Recently, the Zimbabwe Republic Police had to step in to protect Mnangagwa’s name.

The police warned people who are allegedly dragging the President and the first family’s name into dirty deals.

Few years ago, when Mines Federation boss Henrietta Rushwaya was arrested at the airport trying to smuggle 6 kgs of gold to Dubai, the first family’s name also was sucked in.

This saw various government officials stampede to defend Mnangagwa and his family.