Information Deputy minister Kindness Paradza says foreign investors will soon be allowed to have 40% shareholding in television stations.

He says this would be achieved through media reforms, which government is keen in implementing.

Meanwhile, the current Broadcasting Services Act outlaws foreign ownership, but Paradza says this would change.

He disclosed this while addressing delegates attending the inaugural Zimbabwe Online Content Creators (ZOCC) Conference in Kadoma.

Apparently, ZOCC chairperson Toneo Rustito, says 80% of content consumed in Zimbabwe is disseminated online.

Speaking at the event, online content creators assured the government that they are not digital terrorists but, patriotic & responsible professionals.

“We do not wake up to create content that is controversial. We have the interest if this nation at heart.

“We are very patriotic, we are not digital terrorists.”

“We (Online Content Creators) are driven by the market, and we are professional people with the nation at heart,” said the ZOCC