FRAUD accused former Energy Minister, Samuel Undenge went ballistic and demanded President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s arrest as he took to the dock Wednesday to defend claims of prejudicing the Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) of $12,000 during his tenure.

Undenge emotionally took it to the witness stand where he claimed he was being persecuted for belonging to the infamous G40 faction which was once fiercely opposed to Mnangagwa succeeding then President Robert Mugabe.

He called for Mnangagwa’s arrest saying the now State leader was the one who directed Fruitful Communications Company, which is at the centre of the fraud storm, to do public relations for ZPC without going to tender.

The ex-minister said his prosecution was a clear mockery to the country’s justice system considering that “corrupt individuals” were walking scot free while he was being pursued over $12,000.

“An official from the president’s office, Ndlukula testified in this court that Vice President’s wife, Marry Chiwenga was given a contract without going to tender, for a company which did not even exist.

“The company was even named when authorities decided to favour her with the deal because it never existed.

“It was a multimillion dollar deal but procedures were not followed; that is outright corruption,” he said.

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