Every politician wants to be labelled as a people’s person. More so as a people’s president. From Donald Trump’s twitter rants and Yoweri Museveni’s famed videos and selfies, presidents are now using online media to catch the public’s attention and personally engage with their followers, Tech Zimreported.

Finally, the wave is now in Zimbabwe. President Mnangagwa started off with a Facebook page and now he has a website. This could be in line with the heavily marketed ‘new dispensation” which is claimed to be implementing a series of policy reforms that aim to advance peoples welfare drastically. To know what people really need, President Mnangagwa is enlisting the services of the internet by joining social media platforms and now opening a website.
What’s the website about?

 On the homepage of the website, you are welcomed with an autobiography that is full of praising adjectives of his political career and his humble beginnings from birth to his participation in Zimbabwe’s Liberation Struggle.

On the website, you can also read more about his educational background and family. tech zim