Zimbabwe Vice President General Chiwenga has told President Emmerson Mnangagwa that he is ‘too soft’.

The surprising revelations were made by Mnangagwa himself yesterday at a meeting of Liberation War Collaborators’ Association (Ziliwaco). Mnangagwa  was responding to a concerns raised by Ziliwaco chairman Pupurai Togarepi on the simmering divisions within ZANU PF.

The ruling party is currently being ravaged by factionalism with party stalwarts secretly planning to oust Mnangagwa and replace him with either Chiwenga or Kasukuwere before 2023 elections.

Said Mnangagwa:

“Chiwenga always tells me that I am too soft. But I always tell him that we can no longer use tactics that we used during the war.

“But the truth is the truth. You don’t hunt with other people’s dogs. We need to find other ways to flush out other people’s dogs.

“And you, as war collaborators, can be our eyes and ears just like you were during the liberation struggle,” Mnangagwa said.