Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa has left Harare for Nairobi, Kenya where his top priority on state visit is said to be lobbying the host President Uhuru Kenyatta to extradite ex-minister Jonathan Moyo, reports Newshawks.

The report says this is amid new signs of a deadly political plot to bump him off for continuing to be an unbearable pain in the neck.

Mnangagwa left for Nairobi today on a state visit preceded by the third meeting of the Kenya Joint Permanent Commission on Cooperation co-chaired by Foreign Affairs permanent secretary James Manzou who will negotiate a number of Memoranda of Understanding to be signed tomorrow.

Deep state sources travelling with Mnangagwa told The NewsHawks, which first reported on the visit yesterday, that the President wants Kenyatta to extradite Moyo back home “to face the music”, while an inter-security taskforce continues to hunt him down to arrest or bump him off.

Mnangagwa’s plans would be a big request for Kenyatta who is on his way out in August and previously rejected the political request after Moyo, who is married to a Kenyan, escaped to Nairobi following the November 2017 coup which ousted the late former president Robert Mugabe.