Sources within the ruling party have claimed that President Emmerson Mnangagwa is imposing his Central Intelligence Operatives (CIOs) proteges to contest in ZANU PF primaries amid dismay and isolated cases of violence.

It is reported that his imposition of CIO proteges to challenge for posts in the party’s primaries has angered some people, as in most cases these state agents are from outside the constituencies they are being slotted in.

Mnangagwa, is reportedly not trusting some of his comrades, hence the imposition of his allies from the CIO.

Apparently, Mnangagwa’s close allies in his Midlands home province have been exempted from being challenged by other party officials in Zanu PF primary elections in a development that has stoked political tension.

ZANU PF was initially scheduled to convene primaries countrywide last Saturday to choose its candidates for council and parliamentary elections as well as select candidates for senatorial seats.

However, the internal elections were postponed amid fears of factionalism after the flooding of party ranks by new faces and suspected supporters of the banished G40 faction who could play “bhora musango” (internal sabotage) against President Mnangagwa in the August general elections.

However, in the Midlands, The NewsHawks has gathered that five of Mnangagwa’s close allies will not be subjected to primary elections.

These are Local Government minister July Moyo who has since been listed as an unopposed candidate for Redcliff constituency; minister of State in the President’s Office in Charge of Policy Implementation Jorum Gumbo, who will represent the party in Mberengwa unopposed as a senator and former State Security minister Owen “Mudha” Ncube, who is eyeing the Gokwe-Kana constituency.