Former cabinet minister Dr Walter Mzembi says President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa is heading for polls on the shoulder of Generation 40 (G40) members and their remnants.

Mzembi says all the key people who supported the coup that brought up Mnangagwa have fallen by the wayside.

“It is clear from ZANU PF Primary election results that the cadres who supported the Coup have fallen and realistically Mnangagwa will proceed to elections propped by G40 cadres or their
reincarnations or remnants. Ndozviripo. Goodnight,” he says.

Apparently, Mzembi has implored Mnangagwa to fire Uebert Angel saying he has brought the Presidency into disrepute.

“Dear President Mnangagwa
I know Murambwi at your age its difficult to let go certain favourite grandchildren who would have conned you into office but please for the sake of Zimbabwe let go your Ambassador at Large. He is now a national liability.

“President you know me for my forthrightness in the fifteen years we worked together.

“Let me add that your personal and international reputation is now collateral damage terribly maligned by this angel you deployed with powers of angel Gabriel. Fix it,” he says.